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Sport England came to Cornwall!
On the back of their recent announcement Sport England's Nick Lockwood presented Cornwall with their new funding update!

To view the presentation click on the document above.

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Funding Guide
In the Sports Funding Info - February 2017 document above and the links to the left, you will find information on various sources of funding.

For more information, please contact Natasha Howard on or 07966 892284.




The Aviva Community Fund
Open 12th September to 10th October the Aviva Community Fund operates as a competition with the most-voted for projects receiving funding or going forward to a judging panel, depending on the amount of funding requested (i.e. with the exception of awards of £1,000, securing the most number of votes doesn't guarantee a grant award - that's up to the judging panel).

The most-voted for projects asking for up to £1,000 will secure their funding.
The projects with the most votes asking for up to £5,000 or more will go through to the Finals and be judged by Aviva's judging panel.
In 2017, the awards will be given out in the following categories:

1. Health and Wellbeing - projects related to helping people take control of their physical and mental health. These could include anything from walking clubs to reduce loneliness, improving playgrounds and sports clubs and associations to community centres running well-being initiatives;
2. Skills for Life - projects that aim to help communities and individuals improve their lives by learning useful new skills, particularly digital skills. Projects in this category can help people of all ages develop abilities to make their lives easier or more fulfilling. This could include budget training for families, job skills or getting up to speed with new technology.
3. Inclusivity - these projects will recognise that successful communities value all people, acknowledging that every person adds something to the whole, and work to develop closer ties within the community, such as multi-faith education, accessibility improvements and community integration programmes;
4. Community Support - these should be projects that are important to the wider community. They can be anything from regeneration projects to local support groups, or community events. This category aims to help communities make their surroundings and aspects of their life sustainable. .
For further information and to register, visit the Aviva website.


Persimmon Healthy Communities
From May to December 2017 we are giving away 30 monthly donations of £750 each to purchase sports kits and equipment for teams and individuals aged 21 and under.
Our main objective is for people to use the £750 to purchase sports kits and we would be delighted if you would put our logo on the kit! However, it may be that you don't need kit and therefore we will consider other entries if you would like to purchase equipment or spend the money on your facilities.

As part of your entry (but not essential) you may also enter to win our fantastic grand prize - £200,000 to spend on your sport, club or team.
The national prize is £200,000 for you, your club or team. And we're not stopping there. We also have two runners up prizes of £50,000 each and 27 finalist awards of £5,000 each.
So what are you waiting for? Apply HERE